Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 250 explained


2- Jump Jutsu Kaisen begins! Yuta first sends mini Rika shikigami, Sukuna sends them away but Yuji follows with punches. Sukuna does blocks them but he feels his soul shaking again!! Immediately Rika attacks from above but Sukuna evades it

3- Yuta then follows up with Uro’s space bending CT. As Sukuna prepares to face it, he analyses himself that he can’t use domain & his RCT is dull due to his battle with Gojo (1/2) … SUKUNA’S FACE IS REGULAR ??

4 – Rika then launches Yuji as a missile towards Sukuna while Yuta prepares to hit him with another attack. Sukuna tanks Yuta’s sword but YUJI’S KICK ONCE AGAIN SHAKES UP HIS SOUL!!!

5 – Yuji can sense the the realm between Sukuna & Megumi’s soul & strikes right there. Yuji is trying to obstruct the tuning of Sukuna & Megumi’s body by waking up Megumi’s soul that has been sunken deep with Bath ritual

Sukuna realises that everytime he recieves an attack from Yuji, his cursed energy output drops & his control over Megumi’s body dulls!!

6 – Yuta then freezes Sukuna by using Inumaki’s cursed speech & hits him with Thin Ice Breaker again!

7 – Without giving time to breathe, Rika immediately punches & thrashes Sukuna away. Yuji & Yuta immediately rushes over to begin Round-2 of Jump Jutsu Kaisen

8 – But this time, Sukuna counter attacks immediately by sending slashes towards both Yuta & Yuji. He then kicks Rika on the face & attacks her with slashes too

9 – Sukuna says to deal a fatal blow, he needs to touch & cut them. It’s not just cuz his CE output is low due to the battle with Gojo, it’s that Jujutsu Tech has upgraded defensive capabilities of for front line fighters

9.5 -Sukuna: What did you do in this past one month? Yuji: Effort & Perseveran—Yuta: We cheatedYuji & Yuta: Oh… 💀💀💀

10 – Yuta thinks if Gojo had not left any lasting aftereffects on Sukuna, they would’ve been instantly killed without having no time to use RCTYuji thinks he’s scared to even imagine what would happen if they don’t put an end to everything here

11 – Yuta uses Charles CT & peeks into the future. He see Sukuna’s moves & quickly evades them & kicks Sukuna in the face

12- Sukuna begins to count the CT Yuta has copied1. Angel’s Jacob ladder2. Uro’s space bending3. Dhruv’s Shikigami’s4. Inumaki’s cursed speech5. Charles’ Future sightYuta realises that Sukuna will show an opening to a CT which he’s seeing for the first time

12.5- Sukuna also wonders if Yuta copied Gojo’s Infinity but pushes that thought away because it can be controlled only with the help of Six Eyes

13- While using Uro’s CT, Yuta bends the space & pushes a sword through it. Sukuna catches it annoyingly butYUTA USES SUKUNA’S CURSED TECHNIQUE “CLEAVE” ON SUKUNA HIMSELF!!! SUKUNA’S FACE BEGINS TO GET SLASHED!!!!

Editors Comment at the end of #JJK250“SUKUNA’S OWN SLASHES RAINS DOWN ON HIM”


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