Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 251 explained

1- Chapter begins with Yuta revealing that he copied Sukuna’s CT by using the last remaining Sukuna finger

2- Both Yuji & Yuta engage in close level combat with Sukuna. Yuji is highly determined to end everything with this last chance. He even spits his blood at Sukuna’s face as an attack. Yuji tells himself that this is the last chance to defeat Sukuna & bring back Megumi

3- Rika grabs hold of Sukuna & slams him down while Yuji lands a kick on Sukuna at the same time

Sukuna realises that his CE output & control over Megumi’s body has gotten pretty dull

4- To counterattack, Sukuna disables Hollow Wisker Basket & plans to unleash “World cutting slash” while trying to tank damage from Angel’s Jacob ladder

5- But Yuji & Yuta has already predicted that Sukuna would make such plan. They try to tie up Sukuna hands while continuing to attack Sukuna .. Rika pulls Sukuna’s arm off

Yuta notices that Sukuna’s slashes are getting weaker & decides to move closer towards Sukuna without fearing

6- Yuta cuts off one of Sukuna’s arms & Yuji makes the blood which he had spit on Sukuna’s face explode aka …. BLOOD MANIPULATION

7- Small flashback to Yuji narrating that souls can be basically be combined just a little but they will never become one, as per Yuki’s notes. With that Yuji says he will surely wake up Megumi’s soul

– Hana adds that Angel’s CT is a good match for Yuji’s plan. The plan is to separate Sukuna & Megumi’s soul & dull Sukuna’s tuning with Megumi’s body & hit him with Jacob ladder

8- While Rika & Yuji grabs hold of Sukuna’s arms, Yuta activates Angels CT “Maxim Output: Jacob’s Ladder”

We can see Sukuna burnt crisp after receiving that attack

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