Jujutsu Kaisen’s Best Animator Has Joined One Piece Animation Team!”

Jujutsu Kaisen’s Best Animator Has Joined One Piece Team

“Renowned Animator Vincent Chansard Causes Stir by Exiting MAPPA Studios Amidst Production Struggles
▪ In a surprising turn, Chansard, instead of a complete industry withdrawal, chooses to lend his skills to One Piece’s animation team during an exciting new saga.
▪ The term ‘Going ‘One Piece” encapsulates Chansard’s bold venture into contributing his creative prowess to the legendary anime/manga series, despite anticipated challenges.”

“Animator Vincent Chansard Stirs Controversy Over Anime Industry Labor Practices

Renowned animator Vincent Chansard recently found himself in the midst of a controversy surrounding the treatment of animators in the anime industry. His initial announcement of departure from MAPPA Studios, renowned for hits like Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, suggested a farewell due to dissatisfaction with issues such as demanding production schedules and heavy workloads.

In a surprising twist, latest reports indicate that Chansard has opted not to completely withdraw from the industry.”

Vincent Chansard’s Exit from MAPPA Sparks Speculation in the Anime Community
Renowned French animator Vincent Chansard has stirred discussions within the anime community with his recent revelation that he will be parting ways with the acclaimed animation studio, MAPPA.”

“Renowned for his outstanding contributions to classic anime franchises such as Boruto and Fate/Grand Order throughout his career, Chansard has notably risen to prominence in recent years for his crucial role in animating key moments within the Wano Country arc of the global phenomenon One Piece. Notably, Chansard brought his distinctive style to sequences such as ‘Zoro vs King’ and the much-anticipated introduction of Luffy’s Gear 5 form.”

“Chansard’s skillful portrayal of fluid action and emotional drama in 2023 earned him recognition for crafting some of the year’s most stunning anime visuals. The surprise surrounding his departure from MAPPA, particularly after animating segments of the highly successful second season of Jujutsu Kaisen, is particularly shocking. This move follows his involvement in some of the most impactful recent episodes of the megahit One Piece, raising questions and fueling discussions about the reasons behind the sudden departure of an animator of his caliber from MAPPA.”

“Although no explicit reasons were provided, speculations abound regarding issues such as production crunches or creative differences surrounding Chansard’s departure. As the Wano arc in the One Piece anime reaches its climax, fans are holding onto hope that Chansard may find a way to continue contributing his talents in some capacity.”

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