Solo Leveling SEASON 1 Will Have 12 Episodes

Solo leveling season 1

According to the official website and home media release schedule in Japan, season 1 of Solo Leveling will have 12 episodes. Given the success of its Webtoon and how the kind of hype its anime adaptation garnered, the decision to go with 12 episodes is intriguing.

information on the official website, the presumed 12 episodes of Season 1 will be divided into four volumes for physical purchase.Spanning between March and June 2024, each volume will contain three episodes on a single Blu-ray or DVD disc.These volumes also promise to include special bonus content for dedicated collectors and fans.Listings suggest the discs will come packed with behind-the-scenes bloopers and recording outtakes of the voice talent.Special booklets providing illustration galleries, interviews, and other content will accompany the volumes, along with exclusive jacket art.The website also boasts of a decorated special edition case for housing the full season.Followers around the world eagerly anticipate gathering all these pieces of supplementary material to enrich their enjoyment of the breathtaking animation and further immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Solo Leveling.As the anime and manga continue Jin-Woo’s gripping journey, fans can also look forward to expanding their own collection of memorabilia from the franchise’s expanding media empire.

Solo Leveling Anime’s Episode Count

The alleged first season episode count reveals for Solo Leveling’s anime comes swiftly on the heels of this Saturday’s hugely anticipated premiere.Rumors have begun circulating this may be the prelude to a double-cour first season totaling 24-25 episodes. Such speculation posits that success could prompt demands for continuing Jin-Woo’s adventures with a similarly sized second order.


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